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Coffee is only shipped when fresh. Typically we FedEx on Wednesdays....


  • Abid Clever Coffee Dripper

    The body created by full immersion brewing meets drip clarity! This is absolutely the easiest method we've found for creating consistently amazing coffee at home.The beauty of this method comes from the stopper located at...


  • Backporch Blend- 12 oz.

    Our labor of love - We are pleased to announce that after a four year relationship with La Minita in Costa Rica and a three year relationship with the Menendez family in El Salvador we...


  • Cascadia Reserve - 12 oz.

    Our current single origin espresso is our Colombia Salgar Anza which has tasting notes of grape and sweet chocolate. The Cascadia Reserve is our rotating single origin espresso series. Every two months or so, we...


  • Colombia Salgar Anza - 12 oz.

    Tasting Notes: Tangerine, tropical fruit and sanding sugar   Town/Region: Anza, Vereda La Cordillera Processed: Washed, Patio Dried  Varietal: Caturra, Castillo  Sourced: Mercanta USA This is a collection of coffees from three smaller farms in...


  • Daybreak Dark Roast - 12 oz.

     This is a new coffee to our menu as of January 2013. This coffee is sweet, smoky, caramelly and has a toasted barley finish. Very good and sure to please any dark roast fan.


  • Decaf Peru Mountain Water Process- 12 oz.

     This coffee is fully water processed in Mexico. We feel that the mountain water process is the only way to go for a great decaf with regards to flavor retention and upholding the integrity of...


  • El Salvador Finca Las Delicias (Direct Trade)- 12 oz.

    One of the prettiest places on Earth, Finca Las Delicias sits high within the Apaneca-llamatepec Mountain Range and at some points is only accessible by foot. Tasting Notes include carmel, nougat and orange citrus.


  • Ethiopia Kochere Beloya - 12 oz.

    This is a grade 1, very clean coffee from Kochere. Tasting notes include: jasmine, honeysuckle, asian pear and vanilla. We buy this coffee from Samuel at Keffa, who pays extra money to have this coffee...


  • Hydro Flask Thermos

    Hydro Flasks are exceptional thermoses. They keep hot drinks hot for and cold drinks cold for hours. Hydro Flasks are also incredibly durable and do not sweat! With this thermos you will keep plastic out...


  • Peru Chonti

    Tasting Notes: Floral, Sweet Cocoa and Almond Processed: Washed, Patio Dried This coffee is farmed by Wilder Garcia in the high mountains of North West Peru. The farm is family run with three generations currently...